About the Growers

For years, I devoured knowledge about lavender, cultivars, growing conditions, etc. I purchased training from Victor's Lavender, Michigan State University, Floret Flower's workshop, other workshops and webinars, joined organizations, read, researched, tested. Lavender grows in diverse areas worldwide, so  I studied the weather, conditions, etc. of these areas. 

Years later, I started Pause Lavender Farm, LLC. Lavender is my specialty, but we do grow select double tulips, dahlias, and yarrows.

Raised to Love Flowers
Long before I grew to love lavender for it's stress reducing qualities, flowers were part of my life thanks to my Mom. Growing up in Frankfort, Illinois, we were surrounded by floral arrangements from Spring to Fall. Our mother would turn our home/backyard into another world! Tons and tons of flowers, designed so well it became like one flowing work of art. Her love of flowers came from her parents and she passed it to us. No surprise my sister's first job was at florist. (She's' the reason we grow flowers other than lavender).  

Why Lavender?

Because I'm obsessed with it - the calming pleasing scent, the color purple, the beautiful bouquets fresh or dried, the wind blowing the green stems, the buzzing bees. It's relaxing to watch, smell, be around, and work with. I started the lavender farm for myself, to reduce stress, but want to share the health benefits with everyone.  

Preserving habitats

Pause Lavender Farm is a thriving space. Families of deer lounge under the cedars and fawns play in the lavender fields. Groups of turkeys keep the lavender rows pest free and bird communities make sure there is always a song.

We also have the Monarch butterfly migration, hummingbirds, turtles, warblers, grouse, Sandhill cranes, and incredible forest edibles that Yoopers have been cooking with for generations (foraging in the woods can turn anyone into a Michelin chef!)

Our lavender rows and gardens work in harmony with the wildlife habitats and ecosystems around us, instead of destroying them. Our lavender farm is not a cleared area with long rows of plastic and lavender. Our lavender works with the surrounding habitats and forest. 

We have not yet applied to be certified organic, but we use organic practices. No chemicals are used in the management of our farm or production of our goods. Only good natural stuff.