Behind the Name - Pause Lavender Farm

Can we all agree that pets remind us to pause, relax, and enjoy life?  I was reflecting on our wonderful pets, past and present, and thinking how much better they make life. Then I realized the initials of our pets spell PAUSE. How fitting since that is what they make us do - pause and enjoy.  That is exactly why our family moved to the Upper Peninsula and what I wanted our lavender farm and products to do for people. So the name Pause Lavender Farm (tm) was sealed. 

The P A U S E in Pause Lavender Farm represents:  

  • P - Pippy, the gentlest of all our pets. Named after Scottie Pippen from the Chicago Bulls. Pip liked riding in the car - on your head. When the Christmas tree went up, he took up residence. The phrase "get down from there" often followed his name. 

  • A - Adam, our toilet paper shredding, piano playing red tabby. My bud for 17 years.

  • U - Uncas, a sweet Alaskan Husky who stole our hearts on day one.  Uncas was named for one of my Dad's favorite historical figures.
  • S - Sam and Sassy. Sam was a "Christmas gift" that my brother, sister, and I gave our parents when were kids. It was a ploy but they fell in love with him too! He was a neighborhood legend who sat on the roof waiting for the school bus to drop us off. 

  • Sassy - After reading a Facebook listing from the Delta County Animal Shelter for Sassy that said she'd been overlooked for the past year and a half. All I could think was, "I'm on my way, Sassy!" Only regret is I didn't find her sooner! 

  • E - Emma and Ella - Emma was a Siberian Husky name for Jane Austen's Emma. Ella is a Husky/Lab/Shephard mix. Both are rescues. Emma was very special to us. As a rescue it was so rewarding to see her transformation back to a fun loving dog. Ella's main goal, besides swimming, running, and chasing squirrels, is to make people feel loved.

  • We are grateful these fun, loyal, and loving buddies became part of our family. They've brought immeasurable joy.