Behind the Name - Pause Lavender Farm

Can we all agree that pets remind us to pause, relax, and enjoy life?  I was reflecting on our wonderful pets, past and present, and thinking how much better they make life. Then I realized the initials of our pets spell PAUSE. How fitting since that is what they make us do - pause and enjoy.  That is exactly why our family moved to the Upper Peninsula and what I wanted our lavender farm and products to do for people. So the name Pause Lavender Farm (tm) was sealed. 

The P A U S E in Pause Lavender Farm represents:  

  • P - Pippy, the gentlest of all our pets, who kept us laughing with his personality. Named after Scottie Pippen from the Chicago Bulls. Pip liked riding in the car - on your head. He liked walks outside, but avoided grass at all costs. When the Christmas tree went up, he took up residence. He was adventurous and loved climbing. The phrase "get down from there" often followed his name. 

  • A - Adam, our toilet paper shredding, piano playing red tabby. My bud for 17 years.

  • U - Uncas, a sensitive Alaskan Husky who stole our hearts on day one.  Uncas and Emma were a duo and so much fun to play with or lounge outside with. Uncas, named for one of my Dad's favorite historical figures, and Emma, named for Jane Austen's Emma.
  • S - Sam and Sassy. Sam was a "Christmas gift" that my brother, sister, and I gave our parents when were kids. It was a ploy but they fell in love with him too! He was a neighborhood legend who sat on the roof waiting for the school bus to drop us off. Pippy and Sam were a duo.  Sassy - I was not looking for another pet when a Facebook listing from the Delta County Animal Shelter for Sassy showed in the feed. The listing said she'd been overlooked for the past year and a half. All I could think was, "I'm on my way, Sassy!"  That was four years ago and I'm so glad she's part of the family. She's my constant companion. 

  • E - Emma and Ella - Emma was a Siberian Husky and Ella is a Husky/Lab/Shephard mix, we think. Both are rescues. Emma was very special to us. As a rescue it was so rewarding to see her transformation back to a fun loving dog. Ella is one of those pets that make you wonder how you've lived without them. Ella's sole goal is fun and laughs. We are grateful these fun, loyal, and loving buddies became part of our family. They've brought immeasurable joy.