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Pause Lavender Farm

3 French Lavender Sachets petite

3 French Lavender Sachets petite

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You are receiving 3 of our .3 ounce French lavender sachets. 

French lavender. Adorable sheer sachet with ribbon tie. Delicate. Adorable. Fragrant!! What can you do with lavender sachets? Alot actually! 

Keep one in your purse, bag, car or desk and give it a squeeze to release that stress reducing lavender scent. The ultimate anxiety widget because the feel of the sachet and sound of rubbing the lavender is also a stress relief.

Place under a pillowcase when you're having trouble sleeping. 

Tie them to your bathroom towel bar as a decoration and room freshener. 

Each sachet is .3 ounces of fragrant, 100% natural lavender in a conveniently sized sachet that you can also hang. You are receiving 3 sachets.

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