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Pause Lavender Farm

Pre-Order 2024 Fresh Lavender Bouquets

Pre-Order 2024 Fresh Lavender Bouquets

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NOTHING tops a freshly cut bouquet of lavender. This year we have almost 20 varieties of lavender! Fresh, large bundles of blooms bursting with a fragrance that soothes and relaxes. These go fast

Late June/Early July we will harvest Blue Spear - shorter stems with huge deep purple, highly fragrant flowers. 

Late July/Early August we will harvest Phenomenal, Grosso and dozens of other varieties. 

Our fresh lavender flowers ship within 24 hours of harvest. 
Local pick-up and local delivery are available. 

Each year, we set aside lavender bundles for fresh bouquets, dried bundles, while also leaving flowers on the plants for the bees and butterflies. If you have not witnessed the Monarch migration on Stonington Peninsula at Peninsula Point Lighthouse it is quite amazing. We recommend it. 

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