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Pause Lavender Farm

Like a Lullaby - calming activity and sachet

Like a Lullaby - calming activity and sachet

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Does it work? Everyone is different, but on the farm debudding lavender is a challenge because it's hard to get the job done when the activity makes us so chilled out we stop and nap! 

What you'll get. A dried lavender bouquet cut a just right time so buds fall off easier. 1 organza bag. 1 dryer bag bag. .4 ounces of buds is an estimate. Will vary slightly per bouquet.

Step one: put a bowl on a flat surface. Hang the lavender upside down and with fingers or assistive device shimmy the buds off the stems.

Be in the moment. Hear the crunch of the bud as it is removed from the stem. Watch as the blue and purple buds drop into the bowl. Breathe in the newly released calming scent of lavender. Go stem by stem bud by bud.

Step two: By now lavender fragrance is all around you. Look at all those buds! Put the lavender buds into the organza sachet. 

Debudding a quarter of the bundle may be enough to relax you. Great! You have more for another time.

Step three: Put the sachet in your pillow and take a nap! 

If you'd prefer to use it as a dryer sachet for bedding and other clothes, put the organza sachet into the linen bag. 

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