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Pause Lavender Farm

Sensational!™ - Large 4 inch flowers

Sensational!™ - Large 4 inch flowers

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Sensational!™ is an outstanding producer of fragrant 4-inch blooms with silver-foliage.

Sensational!™ lavender plants are easy to grow. They are tolerant to humidity and cold hardy.  Great for cut, fragrant flowers or mass planting. 

Called the next generation of Phenomenal®, if you like that variety and/or Grosso, you will love Sensational!™. Like Phenomenal, Sensational lavender grows to be a large plant. Sensational is more compact, with even longer flower spikes of a rich violet color. 

The flower spikes are taller than many of the other lavenders.   

Scientific Name: Lavandula x intermedia

Common Name: Lavender ('Tesseract' PP31786)

Hardiness Zones: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Blooming Season: 

  • Midsummer
  • Late Summer
  • Early Fall

Plant Habit: Upright


  • Deer Resistant
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • As with all lavender - keep away from cats, dogs and horses

Water: Light

* First-year plants may need more water as they get established. It's best to let the plants dry between waterings. 

Fertilize: Once a month - but always know your pH levels. 

Spacing: 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)

Height: 18" tall and 30" tall (in bloom)

Width: 24" wide

Exposure: Full Sun

General Information: Fragrant addition to a sunny garden.

This is a cold hardy lavender plant making it a good choice for those northern climates. The flowers bloom later in the summer, and you may even get two harvests from it. 

Prune in the Spring and Fall to avoid woody growth and to help keep that lavender gumdrop shape. 

 Use for lavender:

  • Bees love this plant! 
  • Gorgeous to have growing in your garden.
  • Relaxing, can help ease anxiety (I can attest!).
  • Cut the flowers to use as fresh bouquets.
  • Give cut flower bouquets to friends and loved ones.
  • Cut foliage for winter floral designs.
  • Dried flowers can be debudded to make sachets.
  • Dry flower cuttings and use buds in culinary dishes.
  • Put in a home decor vase and use as an indoor plant.
  • Put in a home decor vase and give as a gift for Mother's Day.
  • Make your own lavender hydrosol or essential oil. 
  • Larger stems make this a good lavender for wreaths and crafts. 
  • Use the dried stems in the fireplace in the winter - smells great. 

Your plants are off to a good start! Our lavenders are grown outside where it is survival of the fittest - not in a greenhouse. When you decide to add a lavender plant from Pause Lavender Farm to your garden, have confidence that the plant has already adapted to outdoor weather and temperatures. Plant it in your garden and watch it bloom!

Photo: Plantipp

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